100 Days of Landing Pages

challenge by Cécile Lebleu

100 Days of Landing Pages is an exercise by designer and front-end Cécile Lebleu. Inspired by all the great people making 100-day challenges, like the amazing 100daysofcode or the bad-ass dailycssdesign, this challenge is more personal: I took one area that always makes me nervous when designing, landing pages, and decided to design 100 of it.

This is hopefully the first of many challenges I will put upon myself for self-improvement. Following challenges built by others is a great way to start, but I tend to lose motivation, as it gets easier, or as it’s not always the thing I want to build. By making up my own challenge, the goal is to actually stick to it. That’s also why I’m setting up an accountability system: I will share each landing page right here, on Dribbble, and on Twitter.

The Rules

  • Each landing page must be fully functional within itself
  • Each landing page must be responsive (obviously)
  • I can use any tools to design and build them

The Timeline

  • Start date: September 18, 2019
  • Finish date: December 31, 2019
  • But wait. That’s 104 days! Yes, I have 4 extra days, for mental and physical sanity, as I’m still a full-time freelancer as I take on this challenge 🙂