• Style: Vaz
  • Color: Tortoise
  • Fall 2019

Your glasses.
Your way.

Custom, beautiful, perfectly-fitting glasses,

shipped to your door.

All under $100.

Easy peasy.

  • Pick your favorite style
  • Send us your prescription
  • Tell us your dimensions
  • Get your new glasses in a week
Photo by Campbell Boulanger on Unsplash

Fall 2019 Collection

If they don't fit, you don't pay.

Send us your prescription, pick your favorite style, tell us your dimensions using our handy measurement tool. In five days, your new glasses will be at your door. All under $100.

If they don’t fit, we’ll give you a replacement — for free. The best part? Free shipping, worldwide.

Photo by Aina Vine on Unsplash


“Glassika — Your glasses, your way” is the result of day one of 100 Days of Landing Pages, by Cécile Lebleu. This landing page is built on Elementor, powered by WordPress.

None of the products or offerings are available for purchase. All photos are taken from Unsplash.

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